from Drop-In Sangha Participants

“”Bodhitreesangha is a space of committed teachers who are gifted in imparting meditations and teachings that provide us with the tools to help us toward our path to a more compassionate, and loving heart. You are creating beauty and connectives. Thank you!"

"The radiant Sisters of the Bodhi Tree Sangha are a small but mighty group of highly gifted practitioners and teachers of meditation. Their format of 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week with 7 different sisters has been my anchor during these times of uncertainty. The flexible schedule makes it easy to find a session that fits my work day. The intimate, relaxing space and the warm welcome I receive each time I drop-in lightens the heaviness of isolation, connecting me once again to a healing community. Every day is an opportunity to learn about the practice of meditation and about myself. Each sister has her unique and effortless style of teaching. Every session I am learning new ways of being mindful, of noticing and sensing breath, of learning to embody compassion, exploring the art of deep relaxation through visualizations, and healing through sound. I am grateful to be part of this community of healing hearts and minds." 

“The meditation instructors are skilled, compassionate, and dedicated to helping others gain the benefits of meditation. I find the guided meditations relaxing, while I am also gradually gaining a better understanding of mindfulness techniques, thanks to the tips and lessons that the leaders gently incorporate into the meditations. I am very grateful that the instructors offer this as a daily option in these difficult times. It is helping to sustain me through these times."

"Bodhi Tree Sangha Meditations are a phenomenal experience. A variety of presenters who all share their meditation practice concept. So neat there are people from across the states who join in. Options to share feelings or just practice in private. A wonderful program that I will continue to participate as often as I can."

"The Bodhi Tree Sangha's Daily Meditations are wonderful because you meet seven different women who share basic philosophy of mindful meditation but have different voices and personalities, so it's give a nice openness and variety."

"These daily meditations enhance and extend my practice. The instructors are gentle, compassionate, and welcoming. In this crazy time, these offerings are a balm for my weary, anxious soul. Thank you, Bodhi Tree Sangha, for sharing your gifts with us. Namaste

"Mindfulness gives one a sense of peace, relief from a hectic daily life, and a sense of the value of giving time to oneself. Having different teachers is the most valuable experience, as one can relate to, expand perception of different styles of practice. All the teachers have been amazing !"

"The meditations yesterday and today were just what I needed, seemed like they were meant just for me, in response to a difficult situation that occurred last week, and gave me a different perspective and tools…."

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