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Drop-In Sangha

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Resilience Course


Mindful Movement 

Drop-In Sangha Testimonials

Drop-in Sangha

“Bodhitreesangha is a space of committed teachers who are gifted in imparting meditations and teachings that provide us with the tools to help us toward our path to a more compassionate, and loving heart. You are creating beauty and connectives. Thank you!"

"The radiant Sisters of the Bodhi Tree Sangha are a small but mighty group of highly gifted practitioners and teachers of meditation. Their format of 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week with 7 different sisters has been my anchor during these times of uncertainty. The flexible schedule makes it easy to find a session that fits my work day. The intimate, relaxing space and the warm welcome I receive each time I drop-in lightens the heaviness of isolation, connecting me once again to a healing community. Every day is an opportunity to learn about the practice of meditation and about myself. Each sister has her unique and effortless style of teaching. Every session I am learning new ways of being mindful, of noticing and sensing breath, of learning to embody compassion, exploring the art of deep relaxation through visualizations, and healing through sound. I am grateful to be part of this community of healing hearts and minds." 

“The meditation instructors are skilled, compassionate, and dedicated to helping others gain the benefits of meditation. I find the guided meditations relaxing, while I am also gradually gaining a better understanding of mindfulness techniques, thanks to the tips and lessons that the leaders gently incorporate into the meditations. I am very grateful that the instructors offer this as a daily option in these difficult times. It is helping to sustain me through these times."

"Bodhi Tree Sangha Meditations are a phenomenal experience. A variety of presenters who all share their meditation practice concept. So neat there are people from across the states who join in. Options to share feelings or just practice in private. A wonderful program that I will continue to participate as often as I can."

"The Bodhi Tree Sangha's Daily Meditations are wonderful because you meet seven different women who share basic philosophy of mindful meditation but have different voices and personalities, so it's give a nice openness and variety."

"These daily meditations enhance and extend my practice. The instructors are gentle, compassionate, and welcoming. In this crazy time, these offerings are a balm for my weary, anxious soul. Thank you, Bodhi Tree Sangha, for sharing your gifts with us. Namaste

"Mindfulness gives one a sense of peace, relief from a hectic daily life, and a sense of the value of giving time to oneself. Having different teachers is the most valuable experience, as one can relate to, expand perception of different styles of practice. All the teachers have been amazing !"

"The meditations yesterday and today were just what I needed, seemed like they were meant just for me, in response to a difficult situation that occurred last week, and gave me a different perspective and tools…."

Testimonials about Teachers


If there is a word to describe Anna Johns, it’s “yes!”  Anna brings great inner enthusiasm to each of her students and clients in all the many ways she serves.  She offers both deep listening and a lifetime of skill to her offerings."   By Jonathan Foust, Guiding Teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute of Washington, and former president of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

“Anna has been a fabulous addition to my life. She is an unusually gifted meditation and yoga teacher – and I would know, having worked for decades at the top retreat centers in the U.S. I find that she infuses me with her serenity and wisdom. Her guided meditations bring me to a peaceful state of refuge, which I so need in these challenging times. Anna is able to share her  amazing healing, positive energy in a down to earth manner.  What a blessing to have her as my teacher!”

"Gayathri embodies and exudes the teachings of mindfulness. She's made it her life path and I really feel the depth of her practice in how she transmits the information to anyone who is in her sessions. I feel very lucky to be part of the classes she teaches.  She comes from a place of kindness and compassion with full awareness of her desire to share how mindfulness can impact our lives. Thank you for being an amazing resource for our community.” 

"I’ve read so many persuasive articles about the benefits of mindfulness, but needed the right environment in which to get started. Gayathri’s sessions are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming. Our group includes rookies (like me), and others whose practices are more established. Gayathri reaches everyone. At the close of class we disperse; each of us feeling calmer, clearer, and more centered." 

Laila is a wise and loving teacher who offers wonderful support for body, heart, and mind.” — Jack Kornfield; author of A Path With Heart and dozens of other publications. Founder of Spirit Rock Center.

“I had the privilege of seeing Laila work during a MSC training in Africa. She is deeply committed to cultivating connection and compassion around the globe and she does it fearlessly. Laila understands at a deep personal level the healing power of compassion and brings it to everything she does. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in this path to spend some time with Laila.” — Christopher Germer, Ph.D., Lecturer (part-time), Harvard Medical School. Co-developer, Mindful Self-Compassion. 

"Excellent session with Devi today. Thank you so much for the amazing session and I cannot say how much I enjoyed the session this morning and 30 mins was just focusing on myself and very peaceful. very well structured and is helpful in these stressful times. I am looking forward to attend many more sessions. I have been meditating before but this session gave a new perspective and was very good. These sessions are very rewarding. We all feel very calm, relaxed and energized."

"Thanks so much Devi for the wonderful sessions! They help me become calm and the days you conduct the session, those days I can feel that I am breathing better. Greatly appreciate your time and effort. I love every session but especially loved last week when you were giving the analogy with mountains and oceans. It gave me a lot of serenity. Look forward to learning and practicing with you more."

"Tina has been my yoga and meditation teacher for many years. She encourages an asana practice that is more mindful in movement, making any class you take with her a moving meditation. This does not, however, make her offerings less challenging! Connect with her, and you'll learn to connect with yourself and the world around you in a more compassionate way."

"From the get go Tina made me feel very comfortable with her warmth and kindness. Listening to Tina’s soft tone of voice and spiritual wisdom during meditation sessions, made life seem sweeter and weightless like a feather. Her extensive knowledge in yoga and meditation practice evolved my perspective about human way of life.  Every moment she spoke I learned something new about life or the practice.  I am in awe of Tina and thankful to her for making me a lifelong student of the practice."

"Shazia is an exceptional, gifted, inspirational human being and practitioner. She has a grounded supportive presence, an honest no nonsense, compassionate approach and passion for what she does. I started my journey with her in Mindfulness Meditation which has aligned me in living an authentic life both professionally and personally. I have also experienced Reiki and Sound Baths with Shazia. Both have been catalysts in detoxing my body and mind - relieving pain, rebalancing my energy, leaving me grounded and refreshed. I highly recommend her."

"A Pearl of a teacher" Shazia shares her teachings with gentle wisdom that has placed me in a space of peace, joy, and wellness. Meditating with Shazia has helped me to be more mindfully present. I also took sound bath sessions with Shazia, I experienced deep relaxation and much soothing to hurting parts of my body, as well as experiencing a feeling of lightness. I highly recommend sessions with Shazia."

I felt the course content was well thought out, and the delivery planned beautifully. I would not recommend any change in the course content. Devi’s teaching style is lovely, her voice measured, the points chosen to make an impact, the mix of didactic teaching with practice of meditation is excellent. It was awesome! Loved the videos and scientific explanation about mind and meditation.

Every session was great, the parts I enjoyed the most was the explanation of the science behind the practice, the attention to one’s own peace of mind with compassion. The practice that resonated most with me most, was the guided imagery of the mountain practice, how a mountain stays calm and strong, even  winds, seasons, storms and snow. 


I also loved how Devi spoke of her own struggles, self recognition and her own journey. It made it real and formed a bridge of understanding. Too often we see teachers, who lecture well , but are not relatable. Devi connected with her students on a personal level, which made taking this course so meaningful. 


A well outlined 6 week course which helped to understand various aspects of knowing self , mindful , awareness, compassion and meditation . It was a great experience to be part of this course , would certainly recommend my friends and co-workers to have a similar experience. 

Devi - you made me bring out the best in me, helped me be more mindful.

Testimonials about Resilience Course by Devi

Resilience by Devi

Testimonials about Mindful Movement Class by Anna

Movement by Anna

"As someone new to yoga, I found Anna’s instructions for the poses were easy to follow and very helpful. She helped me feel better in so many ways! She’s so knowledgeable and careful- making sure you don’t get hurt when you do your yoga poses and stretches. As a physician specializing in psychiatry I know well how exercise and meditation are crucial for your health. This is why in addition to prescribing medications for my patients with anxiety and depression , I routinely recommend  mindfulness and yoga as complementary treatment. The mindful movement class that Anna offers is perfect for this. It’s great for self-care and excellent for anxiety and depression. I love this class at the end of my work day. You just feel so calm and refreshed afterwards. I love her and I highly recommend working with her!”  ~ Great Falls, VA                                         

"Anna is a wonderful yoga teacher who takes the time to understand one's abilities and health concerns in order to offer a highly tailored approach for individual yoga practise. As her student, I really look forward to my classes where I am encouraged with kind words and we together explore doing the asanas that are increasingly challenging. I truly wish I had met Anna earlier in my life and started this journey a long time ago. I have been telling anyone who'll listen to me about Anna and the yoga classes and she comes strongly recommended."   ~ Ram P., Oakton VA

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