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Next session with Devi Kumar

Suggested Donation: $15 per session - No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Topic: TBD

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More about Discovery Sessions

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This drop-in class, offered on selected Sundays (mostly last Sunday of the month), will feature a 90 minute deep dive session covering a specific mindfulness topic.


This class is designed for those who have completed an introductory mindfulness course and would like to further deepen their knowledge with the support of a teacher and a sangha (community of practitioners).

Each session will introduce the topic of the session with a talk to deepen the knowledge, guidance on how to practice the concept, guided meditation, and group discussions/self inquiries. 


We are hoping you will join us to deepen your practice and integrate these teachings fully into all areas of your daily lives.


Here are some of the future sample topics: Working with Fear, Addressing our inner critic, Cultivating Equanimity, Improving Emotional Intelligence at workplace, Science behind Mindfulness, etc...

Register for each session separately without a commitment to attend other sessions. 



Devi finds her own mindfulness practice invaluable in keeping her calm and balance. Teaching mindfulness is at the heart of her work. People appreciate her honesty, down to earth style, and her ability to present things in a simple and clear way. 

"I loved how Devi spoke of her own struggles, self recognition and her own journey. It made it real and formed a bridge of understanding. Too often we see teachers, who lecture well , but are not relatable. Devi connected with her students on a personal level, which made taking this course so meaningful"



Discovery Register

Suggested Donation: $15

Please pay the amount you can afford so others may benefit from your generosity.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. 

Past Sessions


Forgiveness by Devi Kumar - January 31st, Sunday

Forgiveness is not something we do for the person who wronged us. It is something we do for ourselves. When we close out heart with a judgment, the person we are hurting the most is ourselves. The cost of not forgiving ourselves and others is that it takes up all our energy preventing us from moving forward. Learning to forgive is an evolving process; the more we practice the more freedom we can experience. Through forgiveness practice, we can cultivate deep connection and understanding which will help the heart to soften and relax.


During this session, you will learn

* How to release hurt/anger/blame and open up our heart to more happiness, peace and joy

* How does Forgiveness relate to Mindfulness? 

* Does it make sense to always forgive others if they’ve harmed us in some way?

* How to practice the process of forgiving ourselves and others?

Are you ready to let go and forgive?

Join us for this discovery session to deep dive into the Art of Forgiveness! 

"There is something compelling, perhaps validating, about reciting our story of mistreatment over and over. In the long run it doesn’t serve our best interests, because it leaves us stuck in the muck of the past."  ~ Donald Altman

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