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Mindful Movement 

Here's an excellent opportunity to practice yoga in an accessible, safe and supportive environment. These sessions are designed to help participants strengthen, stretch the body and calm the mind.

Doing yoga and mindful movement creates the conditions for deepening your meditation practice.

$10 per class 

Sundays 3 - 4 PM PT (6 - 7 PM ET)

Yin/Restore yoga, what is known as the other half of yoga targets our joints, the connective tissues, ligaments, fascia and the bones. Most commonly known yoga forms are Yang style, the more active that target the muscles. Safe and accessible class for all body shapes and health conditions, designed to restore and reboot with a series of postures and movements that is designed to alleviate tightness/soreness and give your mind a well-deserved moment of reflection. No prior yoga experience necessary

"Using the physical sensations of the body in movement is probably the most easiest, concrete tool we have to practice."  ~Sharon Salzberg on yoga

Testimonials for Anna's Movement Classes

"As someone new to yoga, I found Anna’s instructions for the poses were easy to follow and very helpful. She helped me feel better in so many ways! She’s so knowledgeable and careful- making sure you don’t get hurt when you do your yoga poses and stretches. As a physician specializing in psychiatry I know well how exercise and meditation are crucial for your health. This is why in addition to prescribing medications for my patients with anxiety and depression , I routinely recommend  mindfulness and yoga as complementary treatment. The mindful movement class that Anna offers is perfect for this. It’s great for self-care and excellent for anxiety and depression. I love this class at the end of my work day. You just feel so calm and refreshed afterwards. I love her and I highly recommend working with her!”  ~ Great Falls, VA                                         


"Anna is a wonderful yoga teacher who takes the time to understand one's abilities and health concerns in order to offer a highly tailored approach for individual yoga practise. As her student, I really look forward to my classes where I am encouraged with kind words and we together explore doing the asanas that are increasingly challenging. I truly wish I had met Anna earlier in my life and started this journey a long time ago. I have been telling anyone who'll listen to me about Anna and the yoga classes and she comes strongly recommended."   ~ Ram P., Oakton VA


Anna has been practicing yoga from a young age while growing up in India and has been studying with yoga masters of India and the US for 20 years, including Duke University’s Integrative Medicine program. 

Anna teaches movement classes in a variety of settings in the Washington DC area and now via Zoom. She is the movement class leader for IMCW’s Weeklong Meditation retreats (with Tara Brach et al) and Inward bound Mindfulness teen retreats etc. She also regularly teaches movement class before Jonathan Foust’s weekly meditation, the NIH, Army vets training centers, Metropolitan Police Department of Washington DC as well as at corporate headquarters such as Marriott Hotels.

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