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Build Resilience Through Mindfulness

Six Weeks Online Course taught by Devi Kumar

 October 4, 11, 18, 25 & November 1, 8

Sundays 11 AM - 12:30 PM PT
Cost $120

Mindfulness helps us become more resilient in the face of stress and challenges and restore a sense of calm and emotional balance in our lives. With resiliency, you can bounce back from stress and effectively cope with adversity. 

This six weeks interactive course is designed to offer in-depth knowledge on how to become more resilient through mindfulness by managing difficult thoughts, feelings and impulses. By completing this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of why mindfulness really works and learn strategies to neutralize emotional reactivity patterns, cultivate compassion and daily mindfulness practices. 

This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

These classes include series of lectures, visual presentations, videos, interactive discussions, and guided practices. 

Key Course Content 

Lesson 1: Be Present & Mindful - Why? What? How?

  - Stress impact on our nervous system and body (Fight, Flight, and Freeze)

  - Impact of being in Autopilot mode 

  - Are we stuck in chronic stress?

  - How to cultivate being present


Lesson 2: Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

         - Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness

  - Scientific Research & Benefits to the Brain regions when you meditate

  - How Mindfulness Can Help Integrate the Brain

  - Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

What is it? Why it is important? How mindfulness boosts EQ?

Lesson 3: Mindfulness of Body & Emotions

  - How emotions register as body sensations 

         - How do you free yourself from the grip of the blocked energies in the body

         - How to build inner resources to recover from being emotionally flooded

         - How to manage Pleasant and Unpleasant experiences

         - How to meet the discomfort with courage

Lesson 4: Mindfulness of Thoughts

 - How thoughts and core beliefs dictate stress reactivity

 - What to do when we’re stuck in train of negative thoughts and worries?

 - Why thought labeling technique works

 - Managing difficulties with RAIN practice


Lesson 5: Mindfulness of Compassion

- How to cultivate Self Compassion

- Strategies to manage Inner critic voice

-- How to develop empathy and happiness through Metta practices


Lesson 6: Letting Go and Arriving in our lives with Mindfulness

- How to let go and revitalize our mind, our emotions, and our body

- Cultivating courageous presence to face adversities

- Developing acceptance & maintaining emotional balance

- How to integrate mindfulness practices in daily lives and manage hindrances

Devi 2

Devi is leading Mindfulness program at her work place. She conducts key note speeches, six week courses and weekly guided meditation workshops at her workplace. Her training at Search Inside Yourself enabled her to bring the right level of conversation about mindfulness at the work place settings. She has taught this course several times at her workplace and local communitiesfor more than 300 students.


Devi finds her own mindfulness practice invaluable in keeping her calm and balance. Teaching mindfulness is at the heart of her work. People appreciate her honesty and down to earth style, and her ability to present things in a simple and clear way. 

Devi has taught this course and weekend retreats for local communities and friends/family circle.

Testimonials for the class taught by Devi

""I am so happy that this series offered at the Bank especially during these really challenging times. I cannot praise Devi Kumar enough for her devotion and dedication to making our day a little bit more calming."


"I joined this course today and amazed. I have been meditating before but this session gave me a new perspective. Thank you Devi for holding the space for us. You made me realize that I am worthy of loving myself. This session was exactly what I needed after many challenges throughout the week.


"Devi is sincere and presents the content extremely well. Her style of delivering content has personal touch and friendliness in it. She is spiritually so much with us listening, connecting and sharing her personal journey"

Teacher & Testimonials


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